Saturday, May 13, 2006

Most expensive Google words

I came across this late but here is a list of the most expensive words on Google. You may not be aware but those links down the right hand side of Google search results are the results of bids in an auction. Advertisers bid for priority on the page and pay by the click (with some adjustments that need not concern us here). The words here are those attracting the highest bids.

Number one relates to asbestos (click here for an example). If you click any of the sponsors (and I don't recommend that you do), you will cost them a packet. Almost all the top words have to do with lawyers (in particular wrongful death) and mortgages. Surprisingly, travel doesn't rate the same way which is where I do most of my sponsored clicking.

This all relates to my earlier post regarding high bidding for keywords by rivals.

But it all demonstrates that all that early Internet hoopla regarding bidding for domain names became pretty much irrelevant after Google, Yahoo and company became the standard way of searching for what you want.

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Ian Holsman said...

Domain names are still pretty important. (and expensive)

Searches usually only account for about 10-20% of traffic coming in, and memorable, short/catchy names are still worth a bit.