Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The long blog

I write alot. Really, quite alot. What the means is that quite often I forget that I have written about something in the past and am reminded of it by others.

In addition, like many people, I have lots of usernames and passwords for various sites. I keep mine all nicely encrypted on my computer and occasionally I take a look at what I had registered for.

Today, I noticed that I had two blogger usernames! Yes, I already had a blog; something I had forgotten when I decided to launch this one earlier this year.

That ancient blog -- well before blogging became a big thing -- was called 'GameTheorist.' You can link to it here. It will become clearly apparent why I had forgotten about it: there is only one entry, dated January 2nd, 2003.

In those days, blog entries did not have things as sophisticated as titles (nor were the templates as good) but the lone entry there is about using game theory to toilet train our children. Suffice it to say, I was an advocate!

Interestingly, I was also an optimist. I concluded that by honing in my knowledge of game theory with my new found gift for child psychology we would have our next child toilet trained in no time. I concluded: "Let's see how it goes."

It didn't go so well; a story I will recount in a later entry. For the moment, apart from the last bit I am pretty satisfied with that single entry.

While it didn't take off that time, officially, this makes me one of the longest running bloggers around! Over three years and now counting.

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