Saturday, May 20, 2006

And the code is ... [Spoiler alert]

Last post I described the mystery in The Da Vinci Code movie that wasn't in the book. Namely, how did they get all that great presentation material in lectures. It really was wonderful and I couldn't imagine they could have done it with PowerPoint. I said that I had solved the mystery. Don't read on if you don't want this revealed.

OK, the first clue can be seen in the audience of Robert Langdon's lecture. At least three people are listening to iPods. Then when he is signing books, one of those people is still listening to an iPod in the line while eating something round and red.

Then, in the background of the French Mansion where we get The Last Supper lecture from Ian MACCallum there is a computer in the background that looks much like an iMac but it is blurry.

Finally, Langdon solves the mystery when he searches for a 5 letter word to enter into the codex. And the word is "A P P L E." Ahhh. I knew it! No wonder the evangelists are up in arms!

[Of course, this doesn't explain why everyone in the movie uses Sony phones].

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Anonymous said...

so your saying keynote is the answer?

there are some pretty sexy ad'ons to powerpoint which let you do some amazing tv-like effects as well