Monday, May 15, 2006

Not even on Frontline

We have been re-watching Frontline on DVD these last few weeks [highly recommended by the way] but not even there could you have seen or imagined anything like this clip on youtube.

The best way to watch it is just to watch it first and then 30 or so seconds in take a look at the description. You will be stunned but not as stunned as the guy being interviewed.


FXH said...

This clip shows just how useful small media grabs from "experts" are - not very bloody much.

No doubt you will remember this when they ask a "leading Information Economics and Management Professor from a leading Melbourne University" to make a short comment.

It also shows how everyone nowdays is media savvy and ready to go.

Even an unsuspecting cabbie like our hero in the clip who had simply arrived at the studio asking for said "expert" and then because of repeating the name of expert was mistaken for expert and whisked up to studio and on camera.

I never thought I would get caught quoting Andy Warhol but hey 15 seconds of fame.

Jeremy said...

It works in reverse too. Last year, the First Minister of Wales turned up to a BBC Wales studio for an interview and ended up in make-up about to be turned into a talking tree in an episode of Doctor Who. Alas, it got stopped well before footage was filmed.