Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Final exam questions

When I first started this blog, my 'evil' strategy to build readership was to tell my students that my exam questions would be inspired by blog posts. [Here is that earlier post]. I did just that for the mid-term exam.

The final exam was very challenging. [Click here if you are interested in viewing it]. But the multiple choice questions were based on my post about movies and popcorn on which I had two posts in February and in April.

The only question now is whether I will have any readers after exams are over?


[just kidding] Joe said...

C'mon Joshua, you gotta give yourself more credit than that. There's always us alums. ;)

Besides, casually mentioning an idea (after reading your blog) and seeing an op-ed piece in the papers the next day which HAPPENS to be that exact same idea buys some street cred for us academic-wannabes.

Eco Student said...

I'm only an undergrad and I am reading daily . . .